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Your website statistics gives you access to advanced web statistics which provide you information including the number of vistors to your website, domains/countries of visitors, times that visitors access your website and much more!

There are two main type of statistics we have which are the AWStats and Webalizer statistics. Out of the two we recommend the AWStats as they contain more information and are easier to understand. We do have an option for Modlogan statistics however we do not recommend that you use these.

Click below for a more indepth guide to the following statistics:


To access your AWStats you may use the following link:
(please replace 'yourdomain' with your own domain name).


To access your Webalizer Statistics you may use the following link:
(please replace 'yourdomain' with your own domain name)


If you find that you can not access your statistics please make sure that they are turned on. You can do this by logging into the control panel using the following link Once you have logged in click on the stats button which is located under the Tools heading. Make sure that the button under AWStats is turned on.

If you continue to have problems accessing your website statistics please contact WebClick by calling our national number 1300 66 33 05 (local call cost Australia-wide) or emailing