Lost Passwords

Please note this area is always being updated. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us or submit a support request, and if it's something that will benefit other users we will post it here.


I have forgotten my password!
If you have forgotten the password for your account, a listed account contact will need to send a email request to support@webclick.com.au or via fax to (08) 9227 0455 on a company letter requesting the password be reset. We will then generate a new password and send it to the contacts for the account via email. Please indicate if you would like it returned by fax.

What if none of the listed contacts work for our company any more?
A senior person such as a Manager or CEO will be required to fax us on a company letter head, indicating they require the password to be reset, noting that the contacts no longer works for the company, and providing new account contacts to add to our records. We will then fax back the password to the person or email address if included on the fax.

What if I want to change just one contact on our account?
The listed authorised or account contact may request a contact change via email or fax, and the details will be updated. 


What is an authorised contact?
The authorised contact for your account is the person who filled out the original account application form and is authorised to create this hosting account on the organisation's behalf.

What is an accounts contact?
The accounts contact for your account is the person who is responsible for payment of the account. They may request any changes to the account, as long as their contact email address is one at the organisation (ie. so an external bookkeeper for instance cannot make account changes).

What is a technical contact?
The technical contact for your account is the person who is responsible for the management of the hosting account. This may be an internal staff member who manages the web site, or an external web developer. They may request any changes to the account, but if the contact is external to the company they may not request closure of the account, this must be requested by the authorised or technical contact.