Which Operating System Do I Choose?

If you've browsed through a couple of pages on our website, you'll have noticed that we offer most of our services for "Linux" and "Windows". If you are a professional web site developer, you probably already know which hosting platform you want, or at least that there is a difference between the two. For everyone else, you would probably like a few pointers!

Linux is our most popular platform

If you are looking for a quick answer, Linux is almost always the operating system of choice. Your soon-to-be-launched WordPress, Joomla, Magento or Drupal website is natively compatible with the Linux platform. So if you do not know the difference and have been told by your website developer to "get a hosting account", this is more than likely the one you will need.

You will only need a Windows hosting account for website that are built in Windows coding programs. If you are building your website yourself, it is unlikely that you need a Windows hosting account. If you have a website developer making a website for you, your developer will be able to answer the Linux vs Windows question for you.

As a quick introduction, Linux and Windows are called Operating Systems (the low-level software that supports a computer's basic functions, sometimes abbreviated to OS) and they are both very different. Each offers a variety of standard services, but also provides additional services and functions and unique benefits. Every computer and server in the world requires an operating system to run and WebClick's hosting infrastructure is made up of servers that run both the Linux and Windows operating systems.

You may be thinking

PC vs Mac?

As we are about to explain, Linux and Windows are NOT the same as PC and Mac!

Windows is a term you will be familiar with - the computer that you run at home might be a PC (Personal Computer) running the Windows operating system, launched by Microsoft in 1985. Apple, the company that brought us the Macintosh (Mac for short) computer in 1984, has been gaining greater market share over the past few years with the launch of their iPhone, iPad and MacBook products.

Windows computers run the Windows operating system and Apple computers run the iOS operating system, which is built in Linux.

But when it comes to your website, it doesn't matter what operating system that the computer that was used to build your web site is developed on (ie. Windows or Macintosh), or even what PC you run yourself at home or what computer or device your website users run. Your web site must be hosted on a server running either Windows or a Linux based operating system. How your website is built and the coding languages that were used to build will determine which one you should choose.

Linux: A Brief Introduction

Linux hosting is probably the most common hosting platform in the world. It is "open source" based, meaning that the software is developed not by just one company but by programmers all over the world, who strive to improve the quality, features, and security of the platform. Linux in most forms also happens to be free, which means it tends to be cheaper than Windows based software, which involves paying license fees to Microsoft. PerthWeb (WebClick's parent company) develops most web sites on the Linux platform, and finds it very fast, stable, and flexible. It features a vast array of features, and many tools are available to assist in development.

WebClick provides all of it hosting services in the Linux platform, for shared, VPS and colocation hosting.

Windows: A Brief Introduction

There are some very powerful development languages on the Windows platform, such as Micosoft ASP.NET (Active Server Pages) and Adobe ColdFusion, which make development faster and more cost effective. Windows hosting also offers the powerful commercial database Microsoft SQL Server, which is the database of choice for many businesses.

Need more help?

If you're still not sure which hosting platform your web site requires, please feel free to contact us. We'll be happy to help you decide.

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